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Welcome to Servicom, University of Benin.

Group Picture of Servicom Staff,UNIBEN

Focal officer Servicom (Left) decorated by Chairman National University Commission Servicom (Right)


Servicom is a social contract between the Federal Government of Nigeria and its people as it underscores and promotes the right of every Nigerian to good service. It is in this light that the Servicom charter and complain policy of the University of Benin examines the different services rendered by the institution and the standard for achieving high level of service delivery.

The charter was develop to ensure that the founding philosophy of the institution – ‘’knowledge for service’’ – remains sacrosanct in the attainment of it vision and mission statement and to ensure the promotion of quality assurance and best practices in the performance of it statutory responsibilities.

Nevertheless, the history and value statement of the University and the expectation and obligation of the students, staff and stakeholders which is key to the achievement of the University objective is also not excluded from the charter.

Moreover, the charter in a panoramic analysis also focus on the sensitive nature of the needs of the physically challenge persons within the institution with a view to giving special consideration to their circumstances in the physical and infrastructural development of the University.

The charter concluded not without mentioning the mechanism design to addressing conflict within the institution which is inevitable in the field of humanity.


  • Monitoring of semester Lectures/Exams to ensure compliance with the laudable vision and mission statement of the University.
  • Conduct orientation for fresh students in conjunction with Student Affairs Division on their right to be serve right
  • Encourage polite, respectful, friendly attitude and punctuality to work among staff for optimal service provision.
  • Ensure the inclusion of needs of the socially and physically challenge students in the University policies and programmes.
  • Ensure compliance in the wearing of identity cards by all staff/students.
  • Guarantee the prompt opening of our offices by 8:00am (Monday – Friday).
  • Discourage the collection of all unapproved levies, charges and sales of textbooks/sorting.
  • Performance evaluation of lectures and attitude to work.
  • Established grievance redress mechanism and provide opportunities for feedback on service provisions.
  • Review and publication of the University service charter in every 2 years